Chasing innovation

We provide the necessary tools required for an optimized race car setup and its management. Our innovative products enhance the work efficiency in the race paddock, while also improving the sensitivity of race car settings.

ALL IN ONE Setup Plates Automatic Levelling Weight Measurement Turn Plates Data Management

Automatic Levelling

With its in-built sensors and actuators, Auto Leveler is a setup bench system that automatically provides a levelled surface for race car setup.

By automating the levelling process, approximately 1 hour of time is saved for each setup session during race car preparation.

Also, a levelling sensitivity of 0.1 mm provides a much more accurate setup environment, where with the conventional systems the accuracy depends highly on human effort.

Turn Plates

In-built turn plates eliminates the necessity to carry extra components.

Corner Weight Measurement

Corner measurement under each wheel done precisely with the help of high accuracy levelling.

Data Management

Windows tool provides remote connection to the system and a storage environment for setup parameters such as camber, caster, toe, weight, height, suspension settings, pressures and etc.

  • No hand effort for setup required

  • Automatic levelling with high accuracy

  • All-in-one compact design

  • Precise corner weight measurement

  • Easily adjustable for different height preferances

  • Easy and precise measurement of wheel angles and height

  • Easy and light to carry with flightcase

  • Compensation of scale tilt caused by load cell

  • Easy calibration

  • Durable and precisely machined materials also used in aviation

  • Control tool on Windows

  • Remote connection to system

  • Real-time data display

  • Data storage by event, sesssion, driver etc.

  • Suspension setup guidance