A New Era In Race Car Preparation

With our automatic, fast and high-precision race car wheel setup solutions, we convert race team paddocks into places to make high-precision wheel setup in only minutes.

Wheel angle setup is a must for a good lap time. Between a correct and incorrect setup, a lap time increase of up to 2 seconds is exprecienced on an average race track. A complete wheel setup requires a precisely well levelled surface for the car, which is never found in a race paddock. Auto Leveler is here to takeover the surface levelling process by automating it with its in-house built sensors and actuators.

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Precise Wheel Angle Setup

Precise Weighing of Load on Each Wheel

Suspension Setup with Only a Button

Remote Control & Data Storage via PC or Phone

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Save Time

Automatically driven setup plates complete the levelling process in maximum 3 minutes.

With other systems, the levelling process takes 1 hour on average, in a usual race paddock.

As a result, a time save of almost 1 hour is maintained per each setup work. Customers are free to decide what they desire to do in this extra time!

Grant Better Precision

Auto Leveler runs with highly precise sensors for angle determination, including advanced filtering within.

Moreover, in-house built position sensors determine the exact posiitons of each plate for each wheel. This process runs smoothly independent of environmental conditions.

Finally, electric motors are driven to create the precisely well levelled surface, providing the correct conditions for wheel setup.

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Save Manpower

As with other systems, surface levelling for race car wheel setup requires a minimum of 2 race mechanics’ intense effort.

With Auto Leveler, only 1 mechanics’ observation is sufficient, and no hand work is even needed.

Grant Better Lap Time

Time save and better utilization of race mechanics in paddock provide a much better environment for race car’s preparation for track, and more precise wheel setup brings the vehicle dynamics to the desired point. Thus, an improved lap time will be the final outcome of the whole story.

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